Your use of the Nana application and provision of your personal information is deemed an approval of the terms indicated within this agreement. The phrase “the company” or “we” shall mean Nana, which is registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, while “you” or “the user” shall mean any person who uses the “Nana” application. If you do not agree to these terms, you must stop using the Application.

Are your information safe?

While you browse the store, we will not collect any of your personal data, except when you decide to use the service and benefit therefrom, and not just for the purpose of browsing and discovery. If you use the service, you must be assured that we do our best to protect your personal data and prevent illegal or unauthorized access as much as possible, we also protect the same from processing, alteration and loss. Although we use various protection measures and work to improve them, no system or technology can remain completely safe from damage, therefore, if you find any vulnerability within the application, you can contact us to resolve that issue through the following email

How does e-payment processing in the app work?

Nana uses a trustworthy third party to process the e-payments. Such processes do not apply to people who choose “pay upon delivery” during the shopping process. Such a third party may request information about your credit card and ask you to access your contact list.

Do we share your personal data with any third party?

The privacy of Nana users is one of the most important things that we are keen to protect using all possible means, as we do not sell such data, nor disclose or share the same with any third party for any reason whatsoever. We collect such data for statistical purposes only, e.g. the number of users and their location.

What are the powers needed from the user?

Access the phone’s state: as requested by a third party to complete the e-payment process in the application. Access the camera: to shop by scanning the “barcode” of the product, you can add any product that does not exist by taking a photo thereof using the camera of your mobile phone. Access the users’ accounts: to customize the user experience, access your location to facilitate the delivery process and calculate the time required to deliver the order to your address, access the Internet, and access the external memory of your mobile phone, whether by reading or writing on it

The Right to modify the privacy policy

Nana shall have the full right, at any time, to update its privacy policy, whether by adding or deleting new terms or amending current ones.

How do we notify Nana users of any update in the Terms of Use?

We do not notify you about any updates to the Terms of Use through notifications or emails, however you can always know any updates by reviewing the date of the last update of such terms as indicated in the last line on this page

The last update: 3/12/2017